Immunological characterization of a rat model of Duchenne's disease and demonstration of improved muscle strength after anti-CD45RC antibody treatment

L.-H. Ouisse, S. Rémy, A. Lafoux, T. Larcher, L. Tesson, V. Chenouard, C. Guillonneau, L. Brusselle, N. Vimond, K. Rouger, Y. Péréon, A. Chenouard, C. Gras-Le Guen, C. Braudeau, R. Josien, C. Huchet, I. Anegon

BioRxiv Sept 2018 - Download full text

Cancer Immunology

Merkel cell carcinoma and cellular cytotoxicity: sensitivity to cellular lysis and screening for potential target antigens suitable for antibodydependent cellular cytotoxicity

Jocelyn Ollier, Thibault Kervarrec, Mahtab Samimi, Houssem Benlalam, Pascal Aumont, Régine Vivien, Antoine Touzé, Nathalie Labarrière, Henri Vié, Béatrice Clémenceau

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy May 2018 - Download full text

Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer

Thoracic and cutaneous sarcoid-like reaction associated with anti-PD-1 therapy:longitudinal monitoring of PD-1 and PD-L1 expression after stopping treatment

Léa Paolini, Caroline Poli, Simon Blanchard, Thierry Urban, Anne Croué, Marie-Christine Rousselet,Sarah Le Roux, Nathalie Labarrière, Pascale Jeannin and José Hureaux

Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (2018) 6:52 - Download full text

Frontiers in immunology

Regulation of the immune response by the inflammatory metabolic microenvironment in the context of allotransplantation

N. Degauque, C. Brosseau, S. Brouard

Frontiers in immunology, June 2018



Advances on CD8+ Tregs and their potential in transplantation

Bézie S1,2,3, Anegon I1,2,3, Guillonneau C

Transplantation. 2018 Apr 24.


An intermediate level of CD161 expression defines a novel activated, inflammatory, and pathogenic subset of CD8+ T cells involved in multiple sclerosis

Nicol B, Salou M, Vogel I, Garcia A, Dugast E, Morille J, Kilens S, Charpentier E, Donnart A, Nedellec S, Jacq-Foucher M, Le Frère F, Wiertlewski S, Bourreille A, Brouard S, Michel L, David L, Gourraud PA, Degauque N, Nicot AB, Berthelot L, Laplaud DA

J Autoimmun. 2018 Mar;88:61-74 - Download full text  


Arthritis et Rheum
Association of Defective Regulation of Autoreactive Interleukin-6-Producing Transitional B Lymphocytes With Disease in Patients With Systemic Sclerosis

Taher TE, Ong VH, Bystrom J, Hillion S, Simon Q, Denton CP, Pers JO, Abraham DJ, Mageed RA

Arthritis Rheumatol. 2018 Mar;70(3):450-461 - Download full text  


Plos One
B cell subset distribution is altered in patients with severe periodontitis

Demoersman J, Pochard P, Framery C, Simon Q, Boisramé S, Soueidan A, Pers JO

PLoS One. 2018 Feb 15;13(2):e0192986 - Download full text  


Human Immunology
B cells in operational tolerance

Chesneau M, Danger R, Soulillou JP, Brouard S

Hum Immunol. 2018 May;79(5):373-379 - Download full text  


Kidney International
Increased degradation of ATP is driven by memory regulatory T cells in kidney transplantation tolerance

Durand M, Dubois F, Dejou C, Durand E, Danger R, Chesneau M, Brosseau C, Guerif P, Soulillou JP, Degauque N, Eliaou JF, Giral M, Bonnefoy N, Brouard S

Kidney Int. 2018 May;93(5):1154-1164


The roles of CSFs on the functional polarization of tumor-associated macrophages

Jeannin P, Paolini L, Adam C, Delneste Y

FEBS J. 2018 Feb;285(4):680-699 - Download full text  


Impact on early outcomes and immune reconstitution of high-dose post-transplant cyclophosphamide vs anti-thymocyte globulin after reduced intensity conditioning peripheral blood stem cell allogeneic transplantation

Retière C, Willem C, Guillaume T, Vié H, Gautreau-Rolland L, Scotet E, Saulquin X, Gagne K, Béné MC, Imbert BM, Clemenceau B, Peterlin P, Garnier A, Chevallier P

Oncotarget. 2018 Jan 27;9(14):11451-11464 - Download full text  


HLA-DR expression in neonates after cardiac surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass: a pilot study

Chenouard A, Braudeau C, Cottron N, Bourgoin P, Salabert N, Roquilly A, Josien R, Joram N, Asehnoune K

Intensive Care Med Exp. 2018 Jan 11;6(1):1 - Download full text  


Frontiers in immunology
Blood Gene Expression Predicts Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome

Danger R, Royer PJ, Reboulleau D, Durand E, Loy J, Tissot A, Lacoste P, Roux A, Reynaud-Gaubert M, Gomez C, Kessler R, Mussot S, Dromer C, Brugière O, Mornex JF, Guillemain R, Dahan M, Knoop C, Botturi K, Foureau A, Pison C, Koutsokera A, Nicod LP, Brouard S, Magnan A; COLT and SysCLAD Consortia

Front Immunol. 2018 Jan 11;8:1841. - Download full text  



Fate of transplanted lungs is controlled by immune cells encounter within pulmonary allografts

Degauque N

Am J Transplant. 2018 Jan;18(1):9-10 - Download full text  

Journal of Immunology

Breakdown of immune tolerance in AIRE-deficient rats induces a severe APECED-like auto-immune disease

Jason Ossart, Anne Moreau, Elodie Autrusseau, Séverine Ménoret, Jérôme C. Martin, Marine Besnard, Laure-Hélène Ouisse, Laurent Tesson, Léa Flippe, Kai Kisand, Pärt Peterson, François-Xavier Hubert, Ignacio Anegon, Régis Josien and Carole Guillonneau

J. Immunol. , July 2018

  Plos Pathogens

HCMV triggers frequent and persistent UL40-specific unconventional HLA-E-restricted CD8 T-cell responses with potential autologous and allogeneic peptide recognition

N. Jouand, C. Bressollette-Bodin, N. Gérard, M. Giral, P. Guérif, A. Rodallec, R. Oger, T. Parrot, M. Allard, A. Cesbron-Gautier, N. Gervois and B. Charreau

PLOS Pathogens  April 30, 2018 - Download full text  


Comparison of Immuno-PET of CD138 and PET imaging with 64CuCl2 and 18F-FDG in a preclinical syngeneic model of multiple myeloma

Clément Bailly, Sébastien Gouard, Marie Lacombe, Patricia Remaud-Le Saëc, Benjamin Chalopin, Mickaël Bourgeois, Nicolas Chouin, Raphaël Tripier, Zakaria Halime, Ferid Haddad, Alain Faivre-Chauvet, Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré, Michel Chérel and Caroline Bodet-Milin

Oncotarget, Jan 2018 - Download full text

Generation of immunodeficient rats with Rag1 and Il2rg gene deletions and human tissue grafting models

Séverine Ménoret, Laure-Hélène Ouisse, Laurent Tesson, Frédéric Delbos, Delphine Garnier, Séverine Remy, Claire Usal, Jean-Paul Concordet, Carine Giovannangeli, Vanessa Chenouard, Lucas Brusselle, Emmanuel Mérieau, Véronique Nerrière-Daguin, Franck Duteille, Frédérique Bellier-Waast, Alexandre Fraichard, Tuan H. Nguyen and Ignacio Anegon

2018 Apr 23.  

Journal Of Infectious Disease
Fine-mapping the interaction between DC-SIGN and the cytomegalovirus envelope glycoprotein B

C. Chéneau, F. Coulon, V. Porkolab, F. Fieschi, S. Laurant, D. Razanajaona-Doll, J.-J. Pin, E. Maria Borst, M. Messerle, C. Bressollette-Bodin, F. Halary

J Infect Dis. 2018 Apr 10 - Download Full Text


Plos One
Multiplex CRISPR/Cas9 system impairs HCMV replication by excising an essential viral gene

J. Gergen, F. Coulon, A. Creneguy, N. Elain-Duret, A. Gutierrez, O. Pinkenburg,E. Verhoeyen, I. Anegon, T. H. Nguyen, F. A. Halary, F. Haspot

Plos One, Feb 2018 - Download Full Text

  Nature Comm
CtIP fusion to Cas9 enhances transgene integration by homology-dependent repair

M. Charpentier, A. H. Y. Khedher, S. Menoret, A. Brion, K. Lamribet, E. Dardillac, C. Boix, L. Perrouault, L. Tesson, S. Geny, A. De Cian, J. M. Itier, I. Anegon, B. Lopez, C. Giovannangeli & J. P. Concordet

Nature Communications, March 2018 - Download Full Text

    Frontiers in immunology
C-type lectin-like receptors as emerging orchestrators of sterile inflammation represent potential therapeutic targets

E. Chiffoleau

Frontiers in Immunology, Jan 2018

  Frontiers in immunology
Tolerogenic dendritic cells in solid organ transplantation: where do we stand?

E. Marin, M.C. Cuturi, A. Moreau

Frontiers in Immunology, Fev 2018

Frontiers in immunology
Ex vivo expanded human non-cytotoxic CD8+CD45RClow/- tregs efficiently delay skin graft rejection and GVHD in humanized mice

S. Bézie, D. Meistermann, L. Boucault, S. Kilens, J. Zoppi, E. Autrusseau, A. Donnart, V. Nerrière-Daguin, F. Bellier-Waast, E. Charpentier, F. Duteille, L. David, I. Anegon & C. Guillonneau

Frontiers in Immunology, Jan 2018

  Frontiers in immunology
C-type lectin-like receptors as emerging orchestrators of sterile inflammation represent potential therapeutic targets

E. Chiffoleau

Frontiers in Immunology, Jan 2018


J Heart Lung Transplant

High circulating CD4+CD25hiFOXP3+ T cell subpopulation early after lung transplantation is associated with development of bronciolitis obliterans syndrome

M. Durand, P. Lacoste, R. Danger, L. Jacquemont, C. Brosseau, E. Durand, G. Tilly, J. Loy, A. Foureau, P.-J. Royer, A. Tissot, A. Roux, M. Reynaud-Gaubert, R. Kessler, S. Mussot, C. Dromer, O. Brugière, J.-F. Mornex, R. Guillemain, J. Claustre, N. Degauque, A. Magnan, S. Brouard & COLT and SysCLAD Consortia

J Heart Lung Transplant, 2018 - In press

Nature Comm

Parallel derivation of isogenic human primed and naive induced pluripotent stem cells

S. Kilens, D. Meistermann, D. Moreno, C. Chariau, A. Gaignerie, A. Reignier, Y. Lelièvre, M. Casanova, C. Vallot, S. Nedellec, L. Flippe, J. Firmin, J. Song, E. Charpentier, J. Lammers, A. Donnart, N. Marec, W. Deb, A. Bihouée, The Milieu Intérieur Consortium, C. Le Caignec, C. Pecqueur, R. Redon, P. Barrière, J. Bourdon, V. Pasque, M. Soumillon, T. S. Mikkelsen, C. Rougeulle, T. Fréour & L. David

Nat Commun 2018, 9 - Download full text

  Cell Communication and signalling

Notch signaling triggered via the ligand DLL4 impedes M2 macrophage differentiation and promotes their apoptosis

S. Pagie, N. Gérard & B. Charreau

Cell Communication and Signaling, Jan 2018 in press


Cytometry Part B

A Standardized FlowCytometry Procedure for the Monitoring of Regulatory T Cells in Clinical Trials

F. Pitoiset, M. Barbié, G. Monneret, C. Braudeau, P. Pochard, I. Pellegrin, J. Trauet, M. Labalette, D. Klatzmann, M. Rosenzwajg

Cytometry Part B, 2018 -  - Download full text


PD-1 expression on tumor-specific T cells: Friend or foe for immunotherapy ?

Sylvain Simon and Nathalie Labarriere

OncoImmunology, Volume 7, 2018 - Issue 1 - Download full text